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Small Businesses Using Big Data

Small Businesses Using Big Data

The term used to describe the overall aggregation of user information is “big data”  and it is considered the new Holy-Grail-of-Marketing by several marketing gurus. The user profiles are collected from every facet of digital life, from users’ social media behavior, content creation and consumption … to any submitted online forms containing personal information, and most importantly (from a marketing perspective), users’ shopping and purchasing habits.

Your small business can now access this “big data” pool without having to spend crazy amounts of time and money on leads. If your business is maintaining its brand online, it is already following the pulse of its audience through social media engagement. A strong social media manager will be able to keep the face of your business clean while building a stronger bond between you and the your customers. Using online analytics tools, you can measure who your audience is and how they engage with your business. Then your ads can be customized to target that specific demographic so they are communicated with correctly.

An excellent way to use geo-targeting in your mobile ad campaign is to target postal codes (zip codes). A local small business can generate a lot of traffic this way. Start small and expand outward from there. Create different types of promotions that can be pushed out over designated areas. Different promos get different people excited. Except now – armed with “big data” – you will already know what your potential customers want.

As a small business, you don’t need to go big with your geo-targeting. Local is the future of mobile ads. Let the global giants take on the challenge and expense of marketing to a global audience. Instead, make connections between your business and its audience at the local level through an understanding of their desires and a well-executed mobile ad campaign.

Ads will always be unavoidable so long as we embrace a consumerist culture, and since it ads will always be there, wouldn’t you want to see ads for products and services just for you? “Big data” helps inform marketers – feeding them more accurate targeted demographic analytics – to ultimately better serve consumers a more relevant (even enjoyable) ad experience.