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How to Properly Market Your New Mobile Web App

How to Properly Market Your New Mobile Web App

Mobile Marketing Helper has spent a lot of marketing resources designing and developing your Mobile Web App, but now what?

Creating a Mobile Website App takes a lot of resources, but that’s only half of the work. Promoting your new Mobile Website effectively is the most important element. Here are a few things you should take into acount to optimize the return on your investment.


Using a call to action is thee most powerful way to entice anyone to take physical action. You need this physical action to initiate people to connect to your new website. When you combine SMS, you incorporate the ability to market across the traditional forms of marketing: Print, Radio broadcast, Television and of course Social Media. Using these traditional forms of marketing you can immediately use SMS to enhance your sales goals & objectives. This is the most powerful way to encourage your demographic to take action.


Traditional search engine optimization (SEO) best practices also apply to Mobile Web Apps. You new site should have a dedicated marketing page on your current corporate website. That page will be the foundation of future cross-promotion with your other marketing campaigns and linking opportunities, external and internal. For example, somewhere in the app description you should provide a link to your desktop website. The website should also link back to the destination of the mobile app in the app store(s). Linking between the app store and the website boosts the app’s SEO value and also confirms that the app is authentic, not an imposter.

In addition to cross-linking with the app store, you should also focus on optimizing the web page that the app lives on. The app itself won’t get crawled by search engines to determine what the app does, or who the app is for. Instead, the search engine will look at the content on the page that the app lives on to determine the relevancy. Follow traditional SEO tactics – use metadata attributes, focus and align your keyword strategy, write rich content, etc. – to show up in prime location organically in search results.


Encouraging users to check out and review your Mobile Website is one of the most powerful marketing tactics that will boost your inbound traffic and domaine authority. It is important to proactively gather reviews of your site because they are a strong social first impression, showing up right after the title of an app listing. Here are a few ideas for social media promotions:

  • Incentives – You can use Facebook (or any other social media channel) to offer an exclusive “mobile only” offer.
  • Youtube – create a Youtube video of your Mobile Website to show it’s function in a real life demo. Be sure to include a specific call to action.
  • Forums/Communities – share the news of your new Mobile Website in any forums or communities you’re a member of. Encourage and ask people to check it out and share feedback.


Allocating budget for an advertising campaign for your Mobile Website can boost your SEO and increase your organic lift. The most important part of advertising is targeting the right audience. Here are the top mediums for advertising your mobile app:

  • Mobile Web Ads – As you might guess, advertising your mobile app on mobile web browsers is one of the best ways to get people to instantly download your app. Users are already using their mobile phones and can easily navigate to your app download link.
  • In-App Ads – In addition to using in-app ads to increase incremental revenue for a user of an app, you can also use it as an opportunity to advertise your own app, especially if it’s relevant to the app the user is already using.
  • Networks – You can advertise your app through incentivized networks, like TapJoy, to boost app installs. Networks connect advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements.
  • Desktop Web Ads – Whether you go with search ads or banner ads, you can use this type of advertising to point directly to your listing in any of the app stores for a direct download.
  • Social Media – Facebook and Twitter is making it easier for mobile app marketers to advertise on social media. Facebook launched Mobile App Install Ads as a way for marketers to specifically advertise apps, and Twitter is experimenting with adding ‘click to download’ right in the Tweet card to make the user acquisition experience as seamless as possible.

Find out which marketing activities are driving a lot of traffic and look for channels that drive high conversion rates from a visitor to an interaction. Furthermore, identify which channels drive the highest valued users by also tracking via our analytics.