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Capitalizing on Mobile Ads

Capitalizing on Mobile Ads

Mobile internet users set to quadruple in the next two years. WOW! The good news is that local small business owners will be able to capitalize from an increase in not only digital traffic to their businesses mobile website, but also on the increase in conversion rates derived from a mobile ads. Many of the small businesses that are succeeding with mobile advertising are incorporating location-based, geo-targeted mobile ads. So how can your small business benefit from using geo-targeted mobile ads?

Can You Find Me Now?

The famous “Can You Hear Me Now?” is now “Can You FIND Me Now?” Is your business is in a less-popular shopping area that doesn’t see a lot of foot traffic? Well, geo-targeted ads (aka geo-aware) can be set up to deliver various ads and promotions to users’ mobile devices depending on users’ vicinity to your business – For example, if you are promoting your restaurant, when a user comes within a mile of your establishment, they are notified via text message that could include your menu and directions; however, if someone gets within 100 feet of your business, they would be notified with a different ad promoting dinner or specials.

Crazy, right? Mobile marketers are busy innovating the use of location-based, geo-targeted mobile ads, and as marketers have access to the mobile user’s information that exists, users will receive more uniquely-tailored mobile ad experiences based on their user preferences. Take the previous scenario with the restaurant. Let’s say you’re an Italian restaurant.

Location-based mobile ads will target those users in your vicinity that in some way, shape or form have indicated that they are interested in Italian food — whether they are searching for Italian food, ‘Like’ Italian food on Facebook or have any history associated with Italian food (according to mobile ad demographic algorithms). Of course, you want to attract new customers as well; perhaps a separate ad for general audiences enticing them to try something new and exciting.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination…